We are looking for Quality Assurance (QA) engineers to develop and execute exploratory and automated tests to ensure product quality.

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This position will be an internal job opportunity as well as it can be extended to work with our USA, UK customer's remotely, if needed. So Ideal candidate should be flexible to adopt USA or UK working hours if needed (starting and end hours will be updated if needed, we don't look for overloaded workers we just look for the ideal, easy to adopt, challenging team members). You may not be fulfilling all the requirements but If you feel like you can add value to yourself as well as the work you create, If you are thinking to be a part of an excellent, ideal communicating and growing team in a long term, please apply.

Genel Nitelikler

Job Responsibilities are :
* Develop, publish, and implement test plans and test scripts for complex, multi-tier, distributed, application throughout the full lifecycle of the software.
* Follow the set guidelines and standards for the delivery of professional services to our clients using Agile Methodology.
* Provide customer support when required, especially for critical and major service tickets.
* Suggest areas for improvement in internal processes along with possible solutions.
* Able to work independently.
* Define scope and objectives of all levels of QA testing.
* Participate in all aspects of testing, including functional, regression, load and system testing.
* Establish the purpose and deliverables of the test effort.
* Develop automated test scripts using commercial tools, scripts and data set.
* Assure the appropriate level of quality by the resolution of important defects by working with developers to ensure the software development process has an appropriate level of testing.
* Create effective manual and automated test plans, using a variety of automated toolsets.
* Works collaboratively with development during all stages of projects to provide in process testing results.
* Coordinates with BAs who test, evaluate and validate new functions and applications, and identify issues in software or services.
* Ensure that all items follow the change management process and are entered and tracked through the change management software Jira,
* Track and report defects using Jira, Confluence and Excel
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